Bosom Pub Offers a Taste of America

By Harley Brown

While visiting or studying abroad in Urbino, it may be difficult to find a place that feels like home to Americans due to the language barrier and difference in culture. However, the Bosom Pub in Urbino offers a taste of the United States in an Italian medieval city.

The Bosom Pub is an American-style bar. Photo by Harley Brown

Bosom Pub, which is known as the “American bar” to Urbino natives, is one of the larger bars that make up Urbino’s nightlife. Bosom offers a wide range of drinks from margaritas to vodka tonics, which cost about 4 to 5 euros each, and food such as burgers and pizza for about 6 euros.

All of these items are in English on the menu.

You also will hear some familiar sounds as Bosom blares popular new American pop music from open to close.

It’s comforting to see fellow Americans here, be able to speak English to someone and make new friends and hear the stories behind what led them to Urbino. Many of the patrons are study abroad students from universities across the United States.

“I liked Bosom Pub because the staff was friendly, and they loved us Americans,” said Tarleton State University study abroad student Megan Andrews. “It was a good place to enjoy the nightlife in Urbino.”

Bosom Pub is divided into three areas, along with a small outdoor patio – the bar, a lounging area with comfortable sofas and chairs, and the DJ room with a large dance floor, sound booth, disco ball and stage.

“Bosom Pub is a unique bar with a great atmosphere that’s perfect for letting loose with your friends,” said Jacki Miller, another Tarleton study abroad student. “I would definitely recommend anyone who visits Urbino to pay this pub a visit.”

Some nights a promoter at the pub hands out tickets for drink specials. This person typically speaks English and interacts with patrons to get them drinking, dancing and having a good time. Some nights, Bosom offers specials or events during the weekdays or holidays.

For example, during the U.S. 4th of July holiday, the pub hosted a 4th of July celebration with drink specials such as $3 “USA” shots that brought in a large crowd. Tuesdays is karaoke night, which takes place in the DJ room.

The Bosom Pub is located at Via Budassi, 24. It’s open from Sunday to Monday from 6 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. For more information, check out the Facebook page, titled “The Bosom Pub,” or contact the pub by phone at +39 0722 4783.

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