• Culture
  • Shopping in Florence

      By Kelsey Poynor Throughout the streets of Florence (Firenze), one will find a multitude of stores to visit, including indoor and outdoor vendors. Lined with an assortment of places to choose from, it is very easy for one who loves to shop, to spend more euros than originally planned. Vendors stand on the streets […]

  • Culture
  • Nightlife in Urbino

    By Kelsey Poynor Urbino in general is a small, quiet university town, but it doesn’t roll up the streets after dark. Quite the contrary, especially in the hot summer months when cooler temperatures bring out local residents, study abroad students and visitors to sit outside at cafes and sip wine, cocktails and specialty drinks at […]

  • Art
  • The Kites of Urbino

    By Ashley Ford, Editor-in-Chief A tour of Urbino begins at the Porta Valbona, climbing the brick steps to see elongated, royal blue kites swooping over a city street. Three kites cast their shadows as they make their way up the elevated street hanging between the buildings that make up the city. People walking by, residents […]